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Resistance to information: The Russian pilot gave data about his commanders in Ukraine

Resistance to information: The Russian pilot gave data about his commanders in Ukraine

Photo: SBU

The Russian serviceman said he decided to do so because he was surprised by the attack on Okhmatdyt, project sources said.

After the Okhmatdyt strike in Kyiv, a Russian pilot from the 22nd Heavy Bomber Aviation Division gave Ukrainian intelligence documents about the activities of his military unit and personal photos of command staff. It was reported on Thursday, July 11 Information resistance cited his sources of intelligence.

It is the 22nd heavy bomber air division (military unit 06987, Engels airfield) that continues to bomb Ukrainian cities with X-101 missiles. The pilot contacted the chatbot of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Sources noted that, according to the Russian military, he was surprised by the attack on the children’s hospital and, like some of his colleagues, did not understand why they were forced to hit the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine. Therefore, he decided to transfer the aforementioned photos and documents to the Ukrainian side.

According to the source, even the preliminary study of the received materials proves their extraordinary importance, since, in particular, there are documents from the personal files of senior officials, personal data of the personnel of Russian military and members of their families, etc.

Most important are the sealed documents of the 22nd Heavy Bomber Air Division.

Information Resistance has personal photographs on the occasion of the appointment of the chief of staff of the 52nd heavy bomber air regiment, Colonel Ilya Koryakin, to the post of chief of staff of the 22nd TBAD in the Naples restaurant (Engels, Saratov region).

These photos show command staff representatives of units of the 22nd heavy bomber air division, the long-range aviation command of the Air Force of the Military Space Forces of the Russian Federation.

We remind you that on July 8, the Russians launched a massive attack on Ukraine. One of the targets was the Okhmatdyt hospital in Kyiv. Two people died in the establishment and 30 were injured, including 10 children.

The SBU established that the Russians attacked the hospital with an X-101 missile, and a video of this attack was published.

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Source: korrespondent

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