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The United States commented on the statement about the transfer of weapons from China to Russia

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American and British intelligence has evidence that China is preparing to provide lethal aid to Russia, London said.

The United States has no information about China’s arms supplies to Russia. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said this at a media briefing on Wednesday, May 22, adding that he “looks forward to talking to the UK to make sure we have a common operational picture.”

“Going back to 2022, I actually stood at this podium and warned about my concern that China could provide direct lethal aid to Russia. But we didn’t see that in 2022, we didn’t see that in 2023, no We’ve seen look at that so far,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan added that he intended to better understand what Minister Shapps was trying to say.

“We have very much expressed our concerns about what China is doing to fuel Russia’s military machine, not by directly supplying weapons, but by providing resources to its industrial base. Russia’s defense. This is happening now. This is what we are concerned about, and we have taken action.” to tackle this in a coordinated way with our allies and partners, and you can expect more of these steps in the future,” Sullivan said.

Prior to this, British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps publicly announced at a conference in London that American and British military intelligence had evidence that “lethal aid is now flowing or will flow from China to Russia and Ukraine.”

Let’s remember that the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called China the main supplier for the Russian defense industry. Beijing’s efforts are fueling the biggest threat to European security since the end of the Cold War, he said.

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