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Power outages: how heating affects

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Rising temperatures will reduce electricity consumption, but it will take months to continue building, Ukrenergo said.

Increasing the air temperature will help prevent power outages at night and in the morning. However, the closures may still apply throughout the summer, fall and next winter. This was said by the Chairman of the Board of NEC Ukrenergo Vladimir Kudrytsky during the telethon. The only news on Sunday evening, May 19th.

“As we announced, tomorrow from 6 pm to midnight, hourly closing schedules will probably be applied for industry and population due to the fact that the energy system does not have enough power to cover the peak of consumption at night,” the official stressed.

Weather conditions will soon become more favorable and temperatures will rise. Accordingly, consumption will be slightly lower than last week.

“Therefore, we hope that this will allow us to avoid blackouts at night, as happened this week, and also at the time of peak consumption in the morning,” said the head of the board.

Kudrytsky added that it could continue even in the summer, fall and next winter.

“Under these conditions, the lights will be turned off until the generation resumes. It will take months and this is provided that there are no new shells,” he concluded.

Let us remind you that the Minister of Energy German Galushchenko said that Ukrainians should spend energy sparingly, because difficult times are waiting for the country.

The lights will go out across the country – Ukrenergo

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