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Battles for Volchansk. Russia’s offensive is getting stronger

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President Zelensky said that during the day the Ukrainian military managed to “slightly stabilize” the situation in the Kharkov region, where Russian troops intensified their offensive.

In the Kharkov region, fighting continues near the Russian border. The Russian army entered the city of Volchansk, 4 km from the border, and was trying to advance in another direction – towards the village of Liptsy. President Vladimir Zelensky canceled planned visits to Portugal and Spain due to the difficult situation at the front

Intensifies the offensive

As a result of the attack on the Kharkov region, which began on May 10 from the Belgorod region, Russian troops managed to capture a dozen border villages. Russian troops entered the territory of Volchansk from the north and bypassed the city from the east, wrote military expert for the German publication Bild Julian Röpke. According to him, near Volchansk Russia captured the villages of Pletenevka, Ogurtsovo, Gatishche and Bugrovatka, and at the same time advancing on Liptsy, but only storming the infantry.

The police said that the Russian invaders were occupying positions in Volchansk.

“We are evacuating people, helping everyone. The situation in Volchansk was extremely difficult. The enemy takes up position in the streets of the city. So people, please evacuate. We help everyone,” said Alexey Kharkovsky, chief patrolman of the Volchansky police department.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that Ukrainian forces managed to partially expel Russian troops from Volchansk. Later, the General Staff added that Russian troops were trying to push Ukrainian units to the Volchansk area. The defense forces are fighting back.

“Kharkov region – areas near the border, the city of Volchansk – our protective actions continue. Today, our Ukrainian Defense and Security Forces – all units involved – managed to partially stabilize the situation. The occupier who entered the Kharkov region was destroyed in every way. Artillery, drones, our infantry are working accurately,” said President Zelensky.

Serious threat

In the first five days of the offensive, Russia managed to create two separate bridges on Ukrainian territory and advance five to seven kilometers deep into the country. These modest successes reflected the relatively small number of Russian troops involved in the initial invasion. However, according to analysts, the situation may change in the coming days as the Russians deploy more forces in this direction.

The New York Times writes that there is a growing sense within the Biden administration that the next few months could be critical.

Why is it so easy? did you go in

A new Russian attack on the Kharkiv region has long been expected, but the apparent ease with which Russian troops entered the Ukrainian border has sparked widespread public concern and accusations of security.

These arguments simply ignore the fact that the forts are usually located about 15-20 kilometers behind the front positions.

The statements of the commander of the Ukrainian reconnaissance company fighting in this direction, Denis Yaroslavsky, received a great resonance, who said that the first line of defense near Volchansk was allegedly “just nothing” and the Russians “came in on foot.”

In early April, amid rumors of a threat of an attack on the Kharkiv region, President Vladimir Zelensky visited the region. Together with the head of the military administration of the Kharkov region, Oleg Sinegubov, he inspected the defense lines.

“We must be ready. And the Russians must see that we are ready to defend ourselves. And so that our people understand that Ukraine is ready if the enemy tries to attack,” Zelensky emphasized then.

The Chairman of the Kharkov Regional State Administration Oleg Sinegubov called the statements about the insufficient preparation of the defense structures in the region as an information campaign of the enemy.

“Since last week, various messages have been transmitted: either about the lack of power in the region, then about the capture of Volchansk, then about the alleged repair of roads in Volchansk for almost 400 million UAH, then about the lack of fortifications, etc. All these materials were published approximately at the same time, with the same headlines,” said Sinegubov.

He noted that this is an IPSO whose purpose is to discredit the military, the Ukrainian government and spread hatred among citizens.

Source: korrespondent

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