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Two-year deputies did not appear in the Rada for a year – media

One of the representatives said that he “didn’t like it”, and another – because of the presence in the parliament of representatives of the now banned Opposition Platform – For Life party.

Two people’s deputies from the For Maybutne group – Stepan Ivakhov and Igor Palitsa – have not participated in Verkhovna Rada meetings since 2023. Bihus.Info journalists reported this on Monday, April 29.

Thus, Ivakhov explained his absence from voting since August 2023, saying that he did not like the work of the Verkhovna Rada, which, in his opinion, was reduced to mechanical pressing of buttons.

“I am a person who in life is used to acting or influencing something. And since the VRU has become “go press the button”, it is not to my liking or heart, “he said.

Ivakhov is a co-founder of the Continuum group of companies, which owns the WOG gas station network. He was one of the five people’s deputies who often “overlooked” work in the Rada even before the full invasion of the Russian Federation. During his nearly five years as a deputy, he initiated only seven proposals, of which only one was adopted.

At the same time, Ivakhov emphasized that he remains in Ukraine and is ready to go to work if he is invited.

In response to a question about responsibility to the people who elected him, Ivakhov said: “This is my political responsibility, but I will live with it, suffer with it, and die with it.”

Another parliamentarian from the For Maybutne group, Igor Palitsa, also stopped attending the Verkhovna Rada meeting. He explained that he will not go to the hall until a bill is passed that prohibits members of the opposition party OPZZH from participating in the work of the Rada.

“Until this law at least passes the regulations committee and is voted on in the chamber, I will not be subject to the same ceiling as former OPZH members,” said the citizen’s representative.

Palitsa mentioned that he is in Ukraine and talking to voters. When asked about the responsibility for the adoption of important bills, he answered: “What is the point that I will sit there? representative of the people.

Let’s recall that in January, the leader of the Servant of the People group, David Arahamia, announced the impending crisis in the Rada. At least 17 people’s deputies from the faction want to draw a mandate.

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Source: korrespondent

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