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New grouping in the Russian Army: where it is deployed

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The Russian command created a new group of troops near the borders of Ukraine, where it was deployed – later in the story.

The Ukrainian military public reported at the beginning of April that the command of the Russian Army is actively creating a new group, North, based on the Leningrad Military District. As expected, the formation will have a strength of approximately 60-70 thousand people, and its area of ​​responsibility will be the Belgorod, Kursk and Bryansk regions of the Russian Federation. In addition, the Ukrainian military did not exclude that the newly created units will focus on the direction of Kharkov.

First mention

According to intelligence data, the completion of the formation of the North group of troops is planned for June-July of this year. By early April, the enemy had formed a regular formation structure.

However, on April 14, the Russian Ministry of Defense mentioned the North for the first time in a report. The Russian department was even able to boast of the achievements of this formation.

The invaders say that these units operate “in the direction of Belgorod” in the areas of the settlements “Ternovo, Gatishche in the Kharkov region and Sovetskoye in the Sumy region.”


Usually, the Russian command calls the units conducting combat operations in the border regions of the Russian Federation “groups covering the state border.”

The Ukrainian military public also assured that the North was not necessarily created to carry out an offensive. Most likely, the Russian army will renew its units that have lost their combat effectiveness in other areas of active conflict.

“Reinforcement” of conscripts

In turn, the Information Resistance project added that the North was actually deployed on Russian territory in the Bryansk, Kursk and Belgorod regions. According to IS group coordinator Konstantin Mashovets, the formation will be largely staffed by conscripts.

“At least now, a large number of teams of Russian conscripts are being sent (or are planned to be sent) specifically to the troops of the LVO (Leningrad Military District),” the expert said.

According to him, while the North is in the stage of formation or regrouping, it is led by Colonel General A. Lapin.

Arms are moved

Despite the creation process, many combat brigades were transferred to the units of the North, in particular: the 11th Army Corps (AK), without the 7th separate motorized rifle regiment, and the 138th separate motorized rifle brigade (MSBR) from 6th combined. armed forces.

Also, the new group could include formations from the 44th AK, perhaps the 25th Motorized Rifle Brigade. In general, according to Mashovets, the formation consists approximately of:

  • up to 46-48 thousand personnel;

  • 350-360 tanks;

  • up to 860 armored combat vehicles (AFV);

  • 940-950 artillery system (AS), starting from 100 mm caliber and including 120 mm mortar;

  • multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) 110-120 units;

  • up to 4-6 launchers of an operational-tactical missile system.

“In particular, it has already concentrated, or in the near future it is planned to concentrate on tactical directions (Bryansk, Kursk and Belgorod, shortly, when the Russian command has completed the bulk of the movement” back and ” with the troops from the Northern Command, I will try to provide a division, particularly in terms of formation and directions,” said Mashovets.

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