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Kharkov is reliably protected – Zelensky

Photo: Press service of the President of Ukraine

As for the defense lines, Kharkov is not in danger, assured the president.

The city of Kharkov is under reliable protection in terms of defense lines. All that remains is to strengthen the air defense. President Vladimir Zelensky said this in an interview broadcast on a telethon on Saturday, April 6.

“Kharkov is protected today. Not from the point of view of the sky. As for our defense lines, Kharkov today is not in danger,” said the head of state during a visit to the Chernihiv region.

Zelensky recalled that Kharkov remains a desirable target for racists, but not only the city.

“The fact that this is the desired goal, the Russians do not hide it. The whole east, cities like Kharkov and Kramatorsk, are their desired goal. But now we are confidently defending the Kharkov region,” assured Zelensky.

He noted that in some directions of the front, the construction of fortifications was completed by 92-98%. Three lines of defense were built even without fighting. They are built to the same standards.

The President noted that all work on the construction of defense lines in the most dangerous sections of the border should be completed within a few months. But the closer it gets to the battle, the faster it builds.

“The fact that we are building borders is not a secret. Both Russians and Belarusians or Russians on the territory of Belarus should know this. Yes, there are borders here. Yes, there will be three strong lines of defense. There is an army here There are also “dragon’s teeth” , and anti-tank trenches – and there are no secrets. Thanks to modern technology, they already have all this, but, however, there is no need to hide it, because it should they know that there will be resistance,” Zelensky stressed.

Earlier, the media reported that Vladimir Putin wants to capture Kharkov and therefore seems to be preparing offensive actions against the city. To this end, further mobilization may be announced in Russia.

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