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In Ukraine, an FSB intelligence network operating “under the cover” of the UOC MP was exposed

In Ukraine, an FSB intelligence network operating “under the cover” of the UOC MP was exposed

It is one of the largest FSB networks operating in Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

The security service neutralized a criminal organization in Kyiv that carried out information sabotage on behalf of the FSB of the Russian Federation. Among those detained is the head of the capital’s UOC-MP church. The SBU press service reported this on Tuesday, March 12.

The attackers widely produced and disseminated pro-Kremlin narratives and provocative messages intended to destabilize the socio-political situation and incite religious hatred in Ukraine.

As a result of complex measures, the SBU exposed more than 15 members of the group, four key people are already in prison. Among them is one of the leaders of the UOC-MP capital church, which is part of the intelligence apparatus of the Russian special service.

It is one of the largest FSB networks operating in Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion. It has a clear hierarchy and distribution of functions, as well as constant communication with the largest media in Russia, which immediately picked up the “necessary” content.

According to the investigation, an SBU cleric was detained as the network’s coordinator in Ukraine. He was responsible for the distribution of materials that incite sectarian hatred and justified an aggressive war against Ukraine.

To do this, the defendant personally ordered “enforcers” – other members of the criminal organization to act under the guise of “political experts” and prepared provocative messages and videos. The prepared content was distributed through dozens of controlled channels on Telegram and YouTube, as well as on the Facebook pages and official websites of the various UOC-MP dioceses.

Immediately after the publication of the “custom-made” materials, they were immediately “picked up” by the central television channels and the publication on the Internet of Russia in order to spread the fakes throughout Ukraine.

By carrying out information attacks, the enemy hopes not only to undermine the socio-political situation in Ukraine, but to discredit the state in the international arena, especially in front of Western partners.

During searches of the defendants’ locations in Kyiv, mobile phones and computer equipment used in criminal activities in favor of the Russian Federation were found.

Four detainees and another 10 members of the criminal organization were found on suspicion under the following articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine:

high treason committed under martial law;

collaborative activities;

creation and participation in a criminal organization;

incitement to religious hatred and hatred committed by an organized group;

justification, recognition as legal, rejection of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

The issue of choosing a preventive measure for him – detention in custody – is being decided. The perpetrators face life in prison.

Let’s remember that the SBU neutralized a network of pro-Kremlin agitators operating in different regions of Ukraine. The attackers justified the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, called for the seizure of the entire territory of Ukraine and defamed the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Source: korrespondent

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