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Results 23.02: Shooting down the A-50 and major penalties

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Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down another enemy aircraft A-50U; EU and US introduce massive sanctions against Russia. Athletistic highlights yesterday’s key events.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a Russian A-50 U aircraft in the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation

The defense forces destroyed the so-called flying radar – a Russian A-50U aircraft with the call sign “Bayan”. This was announced by the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, Nikolai Oleshchuk. He thanked the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense and all those who ensured the result. As noted by the Main Intelligence Directorate, the Russian plane began to lose altitude near the city of Yeysk and fell in the Krasnodar Territory. Russian propagandists were quick to confirm that the plane was allegedly shot down by the occupying air defense forces. The published video shows that the plane fired heat traps before it was shot down, but it did not help. Later, social networks reported that another downed Russian plane, a Su-34, crashed in the occupied territory of the Kherson region after firing missiles at Ukraine.

The US has imposed massive sanctions against Russia

The United States on Friday, February 23, introduced a large-scale package of sanctions against Russia for its military aggression in Ukraine. They concern about 300 individuals and legal entities. Exporters from third countries and transporters of technology, equipment and spare parts to Russia, a forwarder involved in the supply of arms to Russia, as well as a transnational money laundering network that facilitates the illegal movement of products of Russian origin. The restrictions affected 26 legal entities and individuals from third countries in 11 countries, including China, Serbia, the United Arab Emirates and Liechtenstein.

The European Union adopted the 13th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation

EU authorities adopted the 13th package of sanctions against Russia on the second anniversary of the start of a massive war. The new restrictions were introduced against the regime of Vladimir Putin and those “who are responsible for the continuation of his illegal, unprovoked and unjust war of aggression and those who fully support it.” In particular, the EU introduced restrictions regarding some governors, “officials” in the occupied territories of Ukraine, representatives of the DPRK, and 10 foreign companies. The EU also added 27 new organizations to the list of those directly supporting the Russian military-industrial complex in its aggressive war against Ukraine.

Ukraine and Denmark signed a security agreement

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and Prime Minister of Denmark Matte Frederiksen signed an agreement on security cooperation and long-term support. According to the agreement, Denmark’s military support will reach at least 1.8 billion euros by 2024. In addition, the Danish Ukraine Support Fund, with a total of €8.5 billion, will cover the support from 2023 to 2028 and provide a comprehensive framework for long-term military and civilian assistance.

In addition, Ukraine and Denmark agreed to hold a bilateral forum of defense industries, as well as an investment forum.

Attack on Odessa and Dnieper

On Friday night, the Russian Federation struck UAVs over Odessa and the Dnieper. In Odessa, one of the Russian drones fell into a business building in the coastal zone, resulting in a fire. Three people died. In Dnepr, as a result of the UAV attack, one of the multi-storey buildings was partially destroyed. Two people died and eight were injured.

The Rada adopted a law on the demobilization of conscripts

The Verkhovna Rada supported bill No. 11035 on the demobilization of conscripts. In its final form, the bill included a provision whereby military personnel could not be called up for military service during mobilization for 12 months from the date of transfer to the reserve.

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