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Trump ordered payment of more than $454 million in fines

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In addition to the fine, Trump, who was found guilty of fraud, will have to pay interest, which accrues daily in the amount of $114,000.

Former US President Donald Trump has been formally ordered to pay $454.2 million after being found guilty of manipulating his net worth in a civil fraud case. A New York state judge made the corresponding decision on Friday, February 23, Reuters reports.

It noted that the payment includes a fine of $354.9 million, imposed by the court on February 16, plus interest.

The court also ordered Trump’s adult children, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, to pay nearly $4.7 million each, and former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg to pay $1.1 million, plus interest.

The total payment was $464.6 million. Over $114,000 in interest continues to accrue daily, mostly for Donald Trump alone. The decision was announced on Friday.

Attorney General Letitia James accused the defendants of illegally inflating the value of Trump’s assets to increase his holdings and get better loan and insurance terms.

It was previously reported that a court in New York (USA) convicted Donald Trump of civil fraud and must now pay a fine of $354.9 million.

Earlier, a court ordered Trump to pay writer Carroll more than $80 million for libel after the rape.

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