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We’ll have to pay in blood: Biden explains the price of Ukraine aid

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If Ukraine cannot resist the invaders, the Russians will quickly reach NATO’s borders and the United States will have to participate directly in the war.

Refusal to support Ukraine could result in the United States shedding American blood. White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby said this in a briefing on Friday, December 8, the White House reports.

He noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin expects the United States to suspend support for Ukraine. This will be a great gift for him.

According to Kirby, if Putin gets Ukraine, he will be at the door of NATO: “And as I said, if you think the cost of supporting Ukraine is high now, think how much it will cost the national treasury and American blood if we must begin to act in accordance with our Article 5 obligations.”

He also mentioned that the Russian president has been hoping for this development since the beginning of this war, because he does not believe that the West can remain united, that NATO can remain united, that the United States has enough strength.

“If you care about our national security, you have to see Putin for who he is, you have to see Russia for what it is, and understand that helping Ukraine – and they don’t ask us to be physically there – is helping them .win this war is very “strong in our national security interests and in the national security interests of all our European allies.”

Earlier, the US State Department said that military aid to Ukraine helps create more jobs and grow the American economy.

Blocking aid to Ukraine in the United States: what’s next?

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