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Assassination of Putin, World War III. Zelensky in the Sun

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky made some resounding statements in an interview with the British tabloid Sun.

Vladimir Zelensky spoke about Putin, Zaluzhny, war and peace in an interview with the British tabloid Sun. Correspondent.net collected the most remarkable statements.

Assassination attempts

Zelensky said that Russia wants to remove him from the post of President of Ukraine until the end of 2023, during which he developed a destabilization plan under the code name Maidan-3.

“The latest information: they really want – there is a plan “Maidan-3″ to replace the president of Ukraine – maybe not by killing, but by changing power. They will use any tools they have. The idea is to finish this year to conduct a new operation, which even has a name… You know, we can live with it,” said Zelensky.

When asked how many attempts were made on his life, Zelensky replied: “I don’t know exactly, really. At least 5-6.”

According to the president, the first case is interesting, and then “intelligence just shares with you the details that another group came to Ukraine to do this.”

Zelensky compared it to Covid: “At first people didn’t know what to do with it, they seemed scared, and then… (they got used to it).”

About Putin

When asked if Ukraine would take the opportunity to kill Putin if such an opportunity arose, Zelensky replied: “This is a war – and Ukraine has every right to defend its land.”

At the same time, he refused to answer the question about the attempts on pro-Russian collaborators and the so-called “authorities” in the temporarily occupied territories, noting that “he cannot discuss any special operations of the Ukrainian intelligence or secret service, or any special forces.”

“There are some points we do not discuss. Not only within Russia. There are things we do not discuss in our temporarily occupied territories,” Zelensky noted.

About the militarys in politics

Zelensky said that military personnel who want to get involved in politics should not “get involved in war.”

“If a military man decides to participate in politics, it is his right, then he must enter politics, and then he cannot participate in the war. in politics or elections, then in words and on the front line ” You are acting like a politician, not like a military man, and I think this is a big mistake,” the president said.

Zelensky believes that in this case, the soldiers may show disobedience, and this threatens the unity of Ukraine.

“With all due respect to General Zaluzhny and all the commanders who are on the battlefield, there is a complete understanding of the hierarchy, and that’s it, and there can’t be two, three, four, five. According to the law, even in times of war, it cannot be discussed. It does not lead to the unity of the country,” said the head of state.

Third World War

The war unleashed by Russia on Ukraine could escalate into World War III, Zelensky warned.

He said bloodshed in Israel was “a huge desire” of Russia, with the Russian Federation helping to train Hamas militants. Zelensky emphasized that Russia and Iran are partners.

The Ukrainian president believes that Vladimir Putin is deliberately “shooting a fire” around the world that risks spiraling out of control if he is not stopped.

“China can put more pressure on Russia. I don’t see China being interested in the Middle East like Russia and Iran. I don’t think China is interested in helping Russia take over Ukraine. It’s not simple… Ukraine is now at the center of these global dangers of World War 3. And I really think that Russia will continue until the United States and China together tell them very seriously to leave the territory… It does not feel of Russia now, that the whole world is against it. We really think that they are now preparing in the Balkans, they are taking new steps. And we think that they are trying to prepare or even train some people. And I think they will not end. The idea is that start one conflict, start new fires… I think (Russia’s) idea is to destabilize thanks to new fires,” said the head of the Ukrainian state.

Zelensky said that Kyiv is facing many problems now, including the lack of support in the US Congress. He noted that the situation in the Middle East is not helping Ukraine.

Zelensky admitted that without the help of the West, Ukraine will not win, because its own military and financial resources are not enough to defend itself.

However, the Ukrainian leader is convinced that if Russia defeats Ukraine, then NATO countries will follow: “We are losing our people, not Europeans, Americans. I, of course, do not want to lose your soldiers… If they kill us, if they destroy “Us, they will occupy NATO countries very quickly, and after that you will withdraw your soldiers. If you don’t move your soldiers to fight for NATO against Russia, then there will be no NATO.”

Return of Ukrainians from abroad

Ukrainians who left for other countries because of the war will start to return home and work for the good of their country if Ukraine has enough air defense to protect them, and accordingly it will lead to the fact that Kiev is not will need a lot of financial help from the West, Zelensky believes.

“We don’t need anything – just air defense on the front line. The (Biden) administration is helping, Europe is helping, but it’s not enough. It’s really not enough, because, for example, I know that if the largest city in Ukraine has total air defense for our regions – not only for the city, but for the territories surrounding them – then we will bring back almost all our people from different countries. If we bring them back, they will work and pay tax. And this is likely to happen , it will not be enough, but it will basically fill the gap in our budget, and we will not need such a large amount of money and financial assistance from the States and from European partners,” said Zelensky.

The president added that sometimes he does not understand “why we, all of us, cannot do this – give us (air defense) or lease it so that we can protect our cities.”

“People will return, most children will go to school, because air defense will be protected. We are not talking about total defense, we are mainly talking about protecting the country,” Zelensky stressed.


Zelensky acknowledged that the lack of significant progress in the summer counteroffensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2023 has worried some partners and shaken their belief that Ukraine will be able to oust the invaders. “Yes, we need more successful results on the battlefield. But first of all, we need them… From the point of view of morale, there is no dead end,” the president believes.

The lack of progress in the counteroffensive on the ground is balanced by the successes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Black Sea. According to the President of Ukraine, these operations are also part of the Ukrainian counter-offensive. “We actually destroyed part of the Russian fleet. We did. We “moved” them. They don’t have such total influence in the Black Sea region,” the president recalled, adding that the war was “not a movie.”

About wartime jokes

Ukraine’s president told The Sun that he repeatedly used humor to reassure his wife, children and parents during a full-scale war and to reassure them that everything was fine. “We have many meetings with the family online and offline. This happens more often now than at the beginning of the war. Of course, some security issues affect our lives,” said Zelensky. He added: “When you see your children, sometimes you want to hug them, you want to support them. Sometimes they cry a little. When they cry, you can’t cry. You must be strong, and you must teach them to be strong,” the president believes. – When you want to support your children or your spouse, or sometimes your parents, it is necessary show that everything is okay, sometimes find some jokes about it. Jokes help,” Zelensky said.

Source: korrespondent

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