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Rada took a step towards increasing the staff of NABU

Photo: Yaroslav Zheleznyak / Telegram

The NABU staff will increase by 100 detectives in three consecutive years. It costs the budget 1.7 billion hryvnia

The Verkhovna Rada voted on the first reading for bill No. 10203-1 on increasing the staff of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU). It was found out on Tuesday, November 21.

323 people’s representatives voted for the legislative initiative, which is one of the requirements of the European Commission. The document is accepted as a basis.

“What we are talking about: 300 detectives in three years, 100 detectives plus annually, starting in 2024. UAH 1.7 billion in three years,” wrote MP Alexey Goncharenko on Telegram.

Parliament also approved in first reading a bill that allows the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NACP) to investigate assets acquired before public service (No. 10262). The document received 287 votes. This is one of the important conditions for further European integration of Ukraine.

Let’s remember that on November 8, the European Commission made an important decision for Ukraine on the recommendation to start accession negotiations with the EU. But our country has to fulfill some important needs.

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