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Find out what weapons the United States has transferred to Ukraine since the beginning of Biden’s term

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The total value of all weapons issued during Joe Biden’s presidency is $44.8 billion.

The US has given Ukraine more than $40 billion worth of weapons since the start of Joseph Biden’s presidency. This is confirmed by Pentagon data published on Monday, November 20.

The United States, in particular, stated:

  • air defense system;

  • artillery and multiple launch rocket systems;

  • ground equipment, including tanks and infantry fighting vehicles;

  • helicopter and various aircraft missiles;

  • patrol boats.

The total value of all weapons supplied was $44.8 billion.

More detailed list of weapons:

  • 31 Abrams tanks;

  • 186 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles;

  • 189 Stryker armored personnel carriers;

  • 300 M113 armored personnel carriers;

  • 39 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems;

  • a Patriot anti-aircraft missile system;

  • 12 NASAMS air defense systems;

  • more than 10 thousand Javelin anti-tank missile systems.

As we wrote earlier, the US Department of Defense announced on its website that it will provide additional assistance to Ukraine in the field of security and defense. The next military aid will be the 51st “tranche” of equipment for Ukraine from August 2021.

Earlier, Sky News reported that the United States will provide $100 million in military aid to Ukraine.

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