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Kuchma published a new book about Ukraine and Russia

Photo: Interfax-Ukraine

If the previous edition “Ukraine is not Russia” was mainly addressed to the Russian reader, then “Ukraine is not Russia. Twenty years later “was written for the Ukrainian reader, the author noted.

President of Ukraine 1994 – 2005 Leonid Kuchma presented the book Ukraine is not Russia. Twenty years later. The agency reports it Interfax-Ukraine.

At the presentation of the book, Kuchma emphasized: if the previous edition Ukraine is not Russia addressed primarily to the Russian readership, then Ukraine is not Russia. Twenty years later written for the Ukrainian reader.

“20 years ago, I wanted to explain, using examples that they would understand, why we are different countries, why Ukraine is not Russia. Why they will leave us if they are not capable of equal relations, friendship. But the shameful joy with which the majority of Russians noticed Putin’s invasion, showed that it was in vain that I tried to explain something to them… Now he is not trying to explain anything, one might say, to strangers… She is for the Ukrainian reader, for her own… All the good words that were said about Russia in the old days, Russia itself burned, burned,” the author emphasizes.

According to Kuchma, he did not think about republishing the book after the whole Russian invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine is not Russia, although many are interested in it. The decision to write a new book appeared after in January of this year a missile intended for large aircraft flew into a high-rise building on the Dnieper, and in a photo from the scene of the impact he saw a burnt book Ukraine is not Russia.

“I looked at the picture and I thought to myself that the unfamiliar reader of my book in the house where it is located will survive this hell. And then… I thought, what’s on the pages, what’s on those lines that Russia Burned … I suddenly thought that I wrote something exactly to the Russians, when I still believed that it was still possible to talk to them normally, to explain something to them. And now this was burned, that’s all. when I decided to republish the book,” emphasized Kuchma.

In the recently published book, the author shares his views on the events of the twentieth century and recent years, talks about Ukrainian and Russian national characters and debunks the myth of “single person.”

“Twenty years ago, I was finishing work on a book with hope. Yes, I said, Ukraine is not Russia. But the two states can live like good neighbors, not only not fighting, but also strengthen each other. Twenty years ago in both countries “I had a warm feeling. Now I feel boundless pride for Ukraine and boundless hatred for Russia,” Kuchma wrote in the afterword.

Author’s note: now it is clear to him that “country Z” will never achieve anything. At least for now it remains “country Z”.

Let’s remember that last year on the street Kuchma, commenting on the war, cursed Russia. The former president of Ukraine highly appreciates the courage and dedication of Ukrainians defending their country.

Kuchma: I don’t think the war will end soon
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