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Traitor brothers. Who taught Iskander to Groza

Traitor brothers.  Who taught Iskander to Groza

Photo: Kharkiv Today

30-year-old Vladimir Mamon and his younger brother, 23-year-old Dmitry Mamon left for the territory of the Russian Federation last year, before the liberation of the village of Groza from the invaders.

As a result of the strike of the Russian army in the village of Groza, Kharkov region, 55 civilians were killed, among them a child. Six children were left completely orphaned. The Russians specifically hit the cafe where they said goodbye to fallen military man Andrei Kozyr. A man was injured in Popasna. He was buried in the Dnepropetrovsk region, but his son Denis decided to rebury his father in his homeland. Denis and Andrey Kozyri used to live in Poland, but when the Russian invasion started they returned to defend Ukraine. Denis Kozyr and his 20-year-old wife Nina also died in the cafe. The terrorist attack in Groza simultaneously claimed the largest number of lives in Ukraine in 2023 among all similar crimes in Russia. The SBU established that local collaborators, residents of the village who fled to Russia after the liberation of Groza from occupation, directed the Russian military at the funeral.

Russian police

Vladimir Mamon worked for the Ukrainian police until February 24, and after the occupation of the village of Grozy he went to the enemy’s side. The Mamonov family agreed to cooperate with the Russians immediately after they arrived in the village. Vladimir Mamon, his two brothers Dmitry and Alexander, and his father Sergei were all collaborators, according to local residents. So far, the SBU has not named Sergei and Alexander Mamonov as suspects.

From the Russians, Mamon received a service weapon and a VAZ-2121 Niva car marked “z”. After that, together with Russian military personnel, he began to patrol the territory. Mamon actively campaigned and persuaded the locals to cooperate with the Russians in an illegal law enforcement agency.

The renegade policeman faithfully served the new authorities: he robbed his countrymen, gave away the residences of ATO veterans, and brought people to the police station for interrogation. In mid-March, Mamon took a Volkswagen T-4 minibus from a former ATO veteran for the needs of the occupiers, and in April he took an official Renault Duster car from a fellow policeman.

In the summer of 2022, the State Bureau of Investigation informed Vladimir Mamon in absentia of suspicion of high treason. On October 12, the Kiev District Court of Poltava is scheduled to hold a hearing on the Mamon case.

The younger brother, 23-year-old Dmitry, who is also suspected of being involved in directing the missile, has served the police since the fall of 2019.

The SBU published the Russian passports of the brothers Vladimir and Dmitry Mamonov, as well as their police IDs in the rank of “authorities” of work. They left for the territory of the Russian Federation last year, before the liberation of the village of Groza from the invaders. However, from Russia they remotely recruited residents of Ukrainian-controlled territories in collaboration and formed their own network of informers.

Their relatives were killed

According to the SBU, from the beginning of October 2023, the brothers Vladimir and Dmitry Mamony began to collect information about the planned reburial of the deceased Ukrainian defender in the village of Groza. At the same time, they understood that as a result of the enemy’s attack, civilians – their acquaintances from the village of Groza, including those who gave them information – would surely die.

Vladimir Mamon found out in “detail” from his fellow villagers who were going to the funeral, where they were going and when, and then passed the data to his curators. Journalists suggest that at least one relative of Mamonov, 56-year-old Natalya Mamon, was killed in the missile attack on a cafe in Groza.

Source: korrespondent

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