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Ukraine’s EU accession negotiations: deadline announced

The head of the Evolparment believes that formal negotiations with Ukraine on membership should begin this year.

European Parliament President Roberta Mezola believes that the EU must carry out internal reforms to prepare for the next waves of enlargement and start formal membership negotiations with Ukraine before Christmas this year. Mezolla spoke about this in an interview with the British publication The Guardian.

The European Union must embark on a massive wave of reform to prepare for the emergence of Ukraine as a member state, and nothing is off the table in this dimension, including the elimination of trade tariffs and giving Kiev access to the EU’s internal market even before full membership, said the president of the European Union. Parliament Robert Metzol. He expressed the hope that member countries will start formal negotiations with Ukraine about membership in December,” the publication said.

The head of the European Parliament said he expects the start of formal negotiations on joining the European Union with Ukraine before Christmas. “If they’re fast, we have to match that speed,” he explained.

He is convinced that EU leaders should speed up the process of Ukraine and the Western Balkans joining the EU to prevent the growth of Russian influence in these regions. Delaying the EU enlargement process or pushing them, he said, could be the worst decision, because it could only lead to an increase in the number of Eurosceptics, nationalism and right-wing movements.

The publication notes that the decision on formal membership negotiations rests with EU ministers, who will hold a formal meeting in December after the European Commission published a report in October on Ukraine’s progress in the reform necessary to continue the growth process.

According to The Guardian, the next wave of EU enlargement may include Ukraine, Moldova and Albania, after which the number of member countries will grow to 30. It is clear that further expansion of the EU to 32-33 members will require of the decisive reform of the European economy, which may not be able to withstand such an increase in the European Union.

Let’s recall that in June, President Vladimir Zelensky called for the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

The European Commission is ready to start negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU

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