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North Korea has allowed foreigners to enter for the first time in years

The ban on the entry of foreigners has been in effect since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Kim Jong Un regime is gradually easing border restrictions imposed nearly four years ago.

North Korea will allow foreigners to enter the country for the first time since the borders were closed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. Bloomberg reported this.

Foreigners are reportedly required to undergo a two-day quarantine upon entering the country, but the publication notes that there have been no reports of this measure in the North Korean media.

The publication notes that the Kim Jong-un regime is gradually reducing the border restrictions introduced almost four years ago: in July, high-level delegations from China and Russia were allowed to visit the country, and in August, the DPRK sent commercial planes to Beijing and Vladivostok to bring back diplomats, students and workers. who are abroad due to border restrictions.

It has also been noted that Kim Jong-un’s decision to close the borders has slowed the small trade that the heavily sanctioned state can conduct, leading to an economic recession.

In addition, the policy of isolationism led to the limited development of international tourism in the country.

It was previously reported that Kim Jong-un ordered to deepen relations with Russia.

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