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Erdogan: Putin wants a quick end to the war

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The Turkish leader did not specify in what context the Kremlin leader is trying for “a quick end to the war.”

The head of Russia’s ruling regime, Vladimir Putin, allegedly “stands for an early end to the war,” but the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine “will continue for a long time.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said this in an interview with American PBS, published on Tuesday, September 19.

He emphasized that “only the leaders of both sides can say” when Russia’s war against Ukraine will end. However, in his opinion, the war will continue for “a long time.”

“We really want to hope that the war will end soon. And Putin, in fact, also advocates an early end to this war,” assured the Turkish leader.

Erdogan also said that Russia “can be trusted like the West,” recalling that the West allegedly betrayed Turkey’s long-held hopes of joining the European Union.

“I have no reason not to trust them (Russia – ed.). Russia is as reliable as the West. We have been waiting at the threshold of the EU for the last half century. And now I trust Russia as much as I trust the West,” he said.

In addition, the Turkish President also disagreed with the journalist’s statement that Putin cannot be trusted because of the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the grain agreement and the invasion of Ukraine.

“Half of natural gas supplies (in Turkey – ed.) come from Russia, which means that we have unity,” the head of the Turkish state convinced.

He emphasized that just as he has “good relations with the United States,” he “will have good relations with Russia.”

We remind you that on August 2, Erdogan and Putin held telephone conversations. Based on their results, a visit of the President of Russia to Ankara was announced, but it did not take place.

However, Erdogan subsequently paid a visit to Russia on September 4 and met with its leader Vladimir Putin in the city of Sochi.

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