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Russia has begun producing its own shaheeds – CNN

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Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the company Rostec to increase the production of drones that attack the target by self-detonation.

Russia has begun production of its own version of the Iranian Shahed-type kamikaze drone, which is being used to attack Ukrainian cities. This was announced on Saturday, August 12, at a UK-based organization that studies weapons components, writes CNN.

The researchers pointed out that the drones marked with the word Geran, which the Russians used to strike Ukraine, were not Russian. They are Iranian-made Shahed-131 and Shahed-136 models.

Last month, Conflict Armament Research (CAR) researchers reportedly gained access to the remains of two Russian Geran-2 drones shot down in Ukraine. A detailed analysis of these fragments showed that Russia “began to produce and use its own version of Shahed-136.”

Experts noted that the drones produced by the Russian Federation have “significant differences in the design of the airframe and internal units, including for navigation.”

“This indicates that these two drones were manufactured in Russia and not in Iran,” they stressed.

According to the researchers, this development is a turning point in Moscow’s ability to expand the large-scale use of drones.

“The fact that Russia has begun to produce its own versions of Iranian drones marks a significant evolution in the country’s UAV capabilities, which will allow it to continue using disposable UAVs,” experts assert.

Recall that earlier the commander of the National Guard, Colonel Alexander Pivnenko, spoke about the fierce war of combat drones. He said that the Russians adopted the tactics of using drones from Ukrainian defenders.

Ukraine attacked by the Shahed gathered in Russia – Gumenyuk

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