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The Ombudsman declared educational genocide

Photo: facebook.com/Education.Ombudsman.Sergii.Gorbachov

This was expressed in the prohibition to speak Ukrainian, study according to Ukrainian educational programs, study one’s own history and read Ukrainian books.

The educational genocide was part of the general genocide of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. This was stated by education ombudsman Sergei Gorbachev.

“Across Ukraine, Russia’s bombs, shells and rockets are destroying educational institutions, forcing children, parents and teachers to leave their homes, fleeing danger, disrupting the educational process and causing severe losses in the education of our children, “he said.

According to him, many educational institutions in Ukraine were destroyed and destroyed.

Gorbachev noted that in the temporarily occupied territories, educational genocide manifests itself in the ban on speaking Ukrainian, studying according to Ukrainian educational programs, studying their history and reading Ukrainian books.

“The occupiers are forcing employees and heads of educational institutions to move to educate children according to Russian and Russian standards. Sometimes teachers are forced to do it literally at gunpoint,” he said. niya.

According to Grachev, new topics appear in schools in the occupied territories, in particular, the History of the Fatherland, where Russian propaganda is carried out.

“In some territories, in order to de-Ukrainize, the occupiers even extended the academic year until September to study Russian language, literature and Russian history to“ prepare ”students for the new year of the academic, “the official said.

Recall that the Russian army during the great war had already destroyed the 1873 educational institutions in Ukraine.

As Andriy Vitrenko, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, said on September 1, 2022, the full-time education process will only begin in those schools equipped with bomb shelters.

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Source: korrespondent

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