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Strong tornadoes hit the USA, there are victims

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Nearly 300,000 homes in eight US states were left without power. The most destruction was recorded in Arkansas.

A series of tornadoes and storms hit the US state of Arkansas, killing at least three people and leaving dozens hospitalized with various injuries. This was reported by CNN on Monday, April 1.

It was indicated that two people died in the city of Winne. Another victim is a resident of the city of North Little Rock. These communities were severely affected. Roofs were torn off buildings in Winn, trees were uprooted, causing roadblocks. According to local mayor Jennifer Hobbs, the city was “cut in half by destruction from east to west.”

Arkansas Governor Sarah Sanders has declared a state of emergency.

The storm also affected other US states. Nearly 300,000 homes in Illinois, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri and Michigan were left without power.

At the same time, according to the National Hurricane Prediction Center, the number of preliminary reports of tornadoes in the country on Friday reached 43. Of these, 16 in Illinois, 12 in Arkansas, 8 in Iowa, two more each in Wisconsin , Tennessee and Mississippi.

Remember that a week ago in the young state of Mississippi there was a strong tornado, whose victims were more than two dozen people. Dozens more were injured.

And last year California was covered in fiery tornadoes. The rescuers noted that they had never seen such a large fire.

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