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War in Ukraine. Moscow claims to have captured a village near Bakhmut

Russia’s capture of a village near Bakhmut, Washington, which warned Moscow of Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine, of Russia’s defeat.”unavoidableFor Alexei Navalny… Le Figaro February 20 Monday, February 20 Summary of the Ukrainian conflict.

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Moscow claims to occupy the village near Bakhmut

Russia announced on Monday, February 20 that “completelyhas taken control of a settlement located in the immediate vicinity of Bakhmut, an eastern Ukrainian city that Russian forces have been trying to capture for several months.

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The volunteers of the assault units, with the cooperation of the airborne units and the support of the artillery units (…) completely liberated the settlement of Paraskovivka.the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced.

With a surprise visit to Kiev, Joe Biden announces new arms supplies

Joe Biden arrived in Kiev at 8 o’clock this Monday morning, to everyone’s surprise, when they were officially waiting for the US president in Warsaw. In the morning, he met with Vladimir Zelensky. He is visiting Ukraine for the first time since the beginning of the conflict.

Vladimir Zelensky greeted this visit with enthusiasm, welcoming on his Telegram page.an important sign of supportfor his country. Joe Biden expressed his support to him.steadfastto Ukraine. The White House reported that the visit was short-lived, the US president left Kyiv in the afternoon.

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US President Joe Biden with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during an unannounced visit to St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kyiv on February 20, 2023. EVAN VUCCI / AFP

During this trip, the US President announced additional supplies of $500 million worth of weapons to Ukraine. They will notably contain the new American HIMARS rocket launchers and anti-missile systems. Joe Biden also announced that he will soon apply new sanctions against Russia and Russian oligarchs.

Washington had warned Russia about Biden’s move Ukraine “a few hours ago”.

The United States warned Russia about President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine ahead of his departure to avoid any conflict, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters.

We warned the Russians that President Biden would be going to Kiev. We did it a few hours before he left– said Jake Sullivan, clarifying.due to the sensitive nature of these exchanges, I will not go into how they responded or what the exact nature of our message was.“.

Russia’s defeat in Ukraine is ‘inevitable’, jailed rival Navalny says

Russian adversary Alexei Navalny, imprisoned for more than two years, considered the Kremlin’s military defeat “unavoidable“In Ukraine.

A decisive military defeat (in Ukraine) may still be delayed at the cost of hundreds of thousands of mobilized lives (Russian reservists recently enlisted by Moscow, editor’s note), but ultimately it is inevitable;“, he said in a message published by his team on social networks on Monday.

Moldova asks the EU to impose sanctions on oligarchs in Moscow’s service

Moldova has asked the EU to impose sanctions on Moldovan oligarchs accused of helping Russia destabilize the country, following allegations that Moscow was plotting to topple the pro-Western government in Chisinau.

Since last year, this is not the first time that Moldova has faced such situationsMoldovan Foreign Minister Niku Popescu announced this during a meeting with EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

Beijing denies supplying weapons to Russia

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has denied supplying Russia with weapons to support its offensive in Ukraine, accusing Washington of “put oil on the firesaying the opposite.

Days before February 24, a year since the start of the Russian invasion, Western pressure is mounting on China, which has never publicly supported or criticized the offensive, while repeatedly expressing its support for Moscow in the face of Western sanctions.

After confirming it yesterday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reiterated on Monday, ahead of a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that China was planning to supply arms to Russia. He repeated, havingshared these concernsThis weekend with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Munich as part of a security conference.

Source: Le Figaro

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