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The lowest temperature in US history was recorded – media

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American publications reported that in the state of New Hampshire this weekend the temperature dropped to minus 42 degrees Celsius.

The air temperature at the top of Mount Washington in the US state of New Hampshire dropped to minus 42 degrees Celsius at the end of this week. American meteorologists and climatologists believe this may be the lowest temperature ever recorded in US history. The Washington Post reported it.

Video footage recorded by the non-profit Mount Washington Observatory showed strong winds of more than 100 miles per hour from the Arctic airburst. According to NASA, this is similar to the weather patterns on Mars.

On Friday, the temperature record set in 1963 was broken.

Meteorologists warn that such strong winds will lead to frostbite of exposed skin in less than a minute.

Meteorologists and experts across the country marveled at the record cold snap.

Mount Washington was thrown into the stratosphere on Friday night as a result of the migration of the south polar vortex petal.

As the atmosphere cools, it becomes denser, causing the boundary separating the two lowest layers of the atmosphere, the troposphere and stratosphere, known as the tropopause, to fall with altitude.

Remember that last year Timka III also did not see his shadow. Spring is predicted to be quite unstable with temperature fluctuations.

In addition, moderately cold weather with light sleet will continue into the coming weekend. However, the temperature will drop at night.

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