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Chemical businessman found in San Juan de Lurigancho after 58 days of kidnapping.

José Gabriel Silva Camargo thanked the authorities for his release. | Fountain: PNP

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A chemical businessman He was released in the San Juan de Lurigancho area after 58 days of abduction.

Victim identified as Jose Gabriel Silva Camargo, was abducted on December 9th. It was located in a building located in block 5 of Girona Marmola in the urbanization of Manco Capac.

what is known

According to the Peruvian National Police, Silva Camargo was found with a 23-year-old employee of his company. Both were tied hand and foot.

As a ransom for the businessman, the kidnappers demanded a million dollars. The family responded with “a large sum of money”, but the perpetrators did not comply with their release.

Silva Camargo told the police that he was kidnapped in the Puente Nuevo area, opposite El Agustino. With the authorities, he began to describe the kidnappers for appropriate investigations.

“Here I’m fine, just a little trembled“, – said the businessman in front of the cameras.

Facade of the house where the businessman was found, in San Juan de Lurigancho.
Facade of the house where the businessman was found, in San Juan de Lurigancho. | Fountain: PTR


According to police images, this must be the apartment building where he was abducted.

Silva Camargo, along with a young worker, was tied up and held captive on the fourth floor of the location. Police agents indicated that the first floors were inhabited by processors from the area.

Source: RPP

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