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Colombia spots possible Chinese spy balloon over its airspace

A commercial airliner flies below a Chinese “spy balloon” detected in US airspace. | Fountain: EFE

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Colombia reported this weekend that balloon passed through their territory after state joined announced that “balloon spy chino” was seen flying over Latin America.

The Colombian Air Force said the device was identified on Friday morning and tracked until it left national airspace, and assured that it never posed a “threat” to the security and defense of the country, or aviation.

balloon details

February 3 “The national air defense system detected an object over 16 kilometers high that entered the airspace of Colombia in the northern sector of the country, moving at an average speed of 25 knots, identifying characteristics similar to those balloon”, the post said on Saturday.

The Colombian Air Force added that they are conducting “appropriate investigations and coordination with various countries and institutions in order to establish the origin of an object”.

A spokesman for the US Department of Defense said on Friday that the second balloon “spy“Chino was spotted flying over Latin America a day after another similar aircraft was spotted in United States airspace.

He gave no details about the location of the identified artifact over Latin America, nor where it was going.

The Pentagon said on Saturday that a US military plane shot down a suspect. chinese spy ball off the Atlantic coast. state joined, to which China expressed “sharp dissatisfaction” and said that it could provoke “necessary responses.” (AFP)

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