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A secret Brotherhood battalion is working behind the scenes of the Russian Federation – media

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Ukrainian fighters carry out work not only on the territory of the aggressor country, but also in the temporarily occupied regions.

Secret battalion brotherhood is fighting the occupying country outside the war front, in particular, in the occupied territories of Ukraine, as well as Russia. This was reported by The Guardian, who spoke to three members of this battalion.

The media said the battalion’s work ranged from kidnapping high-ranking Kremlin officials to destroying key military infrastructure and shooting down enemy aircraft in Russia.

“It was very easy for us to cross the Russian border,” said one of the battalion members.

The peculiarity of the battalion is that it operates independently of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

However, work brotherhood must remain secret and independent especially because of the West’s “nervousness” at the thought that Ukraine might strike Russian territory. The last statement can be confirmed by the debate on the supply of Leopard 2 tanks by Germany and the refusal of the United States and other countries to provide F16 fighters.

“It turns out that the Russians can enter the territory of Ukraine, but the Ukrainians cannot enter Russia,” another member of the formation noted.

One of the last operations of the battalion was simple, according to its participants.

“Our group had to bring a certain amount of explosives to the territory of Russia and leave them in a certain place. I don’t know what and for whom these explosives were intended. But I know surely some people in Russia are ready to help the Ukrainians,” said the fighter.

brotherhood also conducted an operation in the Belgorod region, where several ammunition depots exploded a month ago, The Guardian said.

Members of the group also said they were tasked with “capturing or killing one of the senior officers of the FSB”, Russia’s special services.

However, the Russian officer’s car did not arrive, so the mission had to be postponed. They need to get out of the ambush, but they face the problem of getting into Ukraine, past the watching Russian troops massed at the border.

“We met the Russian border guards. We were four of four. We killed three Russians and slightly wounded one. We captured him, took him to Ukrainian territory and handed him over to the Ukrainian military,” said a group member.

The Brotherhood also noted that their operations are actually twice as safe as those conducted by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“It looks like a very dangerous job, but we are preparing for it seriously,” the fighters said.

As we have already reported, the partisans destroyed a group of invaders in Kirillovka.

In addition, near the temporarily occupied city of Shchastia, Luhansk region, a self-made explosive device destroyed the railway line between the city of Luhansk and the village of Lugansk. Lantratovka.

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Source: korrespondent

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