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Spanish police seize $114 million worth of cocaine

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International organizations reinvented themselves to transport medicines from Latin America to Europe.

Spanish police seized 4.5 tons of cocaine worth an estimated €105 million ($114 million) from a cattle ship in the Canary Islands. The raid was carried out earlier this week, on Saturday, January 28, police said in a statement.

The vessel Orion V sailed under the flag of Togo from Colombia. 28 crew members were arrested. The operation to arrest them was carried out in collaboration with the Togolese police and the US Drug Enforcement Administration. The ship has previously stopped at ports in more than ten countries.

Police say drug traffickers have started looking for new ways to get drugs into Europe from Latin America. That is, smugglers began to use ships to transport animals, because it was more difficult to track the cargo being transported.

“International organizations are once again starting to transport drugs from Latin America to Europe, using livestock to make it difficult to control and localize the shipments,” said Spanish police.

Recall that in Egypt, a court sentenced 29-year-old Ukrainian Lyudmila Balakina to life imprisonment and a fine for attempting to import drugs.

It will be recalled that an elite drug dealer who sold cocaine in nightclubs in Kyiv was sentenced by the court to five years in prison.

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