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COVID-19: Which countries are imposing entry restrictions for travelers from China?

Various airports around the world have imposed restrictions on passengers from China | Fountain: AFP | Photographer: JULIEN DE ROSA

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A dozen countries have decided to introduce new restrictions antique for travelers from China, a country that has recorded an increase in cases of the disease, as it decided to relax its strict Health policy.

Travel from China and in relation to the Asian country could multiply, because. Beijing announced the end of mandatory quarantines upon arrival in its territory from Sunday yesterday. Beijing it was the last remnant of the Chinese government’s “COVID Zero” strategy.

Below is a list of countries that require a negative test or other rules for arrivals from China:


Starting from Thursday USA requires an identity card to enter its territory COVID-19 cancellation is made, without fail, 48 hours before departure China or a certificate confirming that the traveler contracted the disease in the previous 90 days.

The U.S. Public Health Authority accepts PCR or autoantigen tests administered and verified by an authorized telemedicine provider or service.

These rules also apply to travelers arriving from Hong Kong and from Macau.

European Union

AT Francepassengers from China they must present a negative PCR test or antigen taken 48 hours before the flight.

Italy D Spain they also require a negative COVID test to gain access.

EU member states should discuss a common response next Wednesday, he said. Swedenwhich presides over the bloc twice a year.


Australia requires the submission of a negative PCR and argues for the “lack of complete information” from Beijing about this wave of infections.


Ottawa introduces test taken two days before departure China.

United Kingdom

Starting next Thursday, all passengers bound for a UK airport must take a negative test before boarding. China.

In addition, the British government reserves the right to impose tests on travelers’ “samples” upon arrival to monitor the emergence of new options.


Israel “I have decided to order foreign airlines to accept foreigners flying from China to Israel only if they have passed covid tests,” the health minister said.

A “voluntary” testing center for people returning from China will also be set up.


Japan was one of the first countries to introduce new rules for travelers from China mainland, who are now the only ones who must pass a mandatory test upon arrival.

South Korea

South Korea it also made arrangements for travelers from China, requiring a negative test before they arrive and another after they arrive.


Authorities require a negative test 48 hours before departure. China and other Asian countries.


Morocco was a country that took the strictest measures, banning all travelers from China regardless of their nationality.

Source: RPP

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