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A photo exhibition in Paris takes us to meet men from the other side of the world

We could believe ourselves in an art gallery. However, it is within the walls of the travel agency that the artist Nicholas Henry is showing his new photo seriesImaginary huts around the world. At the same time director, screenwriter, visual artist and founder of the Photoclimat festival, this holistic artist has traveled to thirty countries to collect testimonies from different communities around the world. Based on individual anecdotes, initiatives, dreams or anger, the photographer has imagined worlds and created large-format collections with the help of villagers and residents of criss-crossed neighborhoods.

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Banana leaves, bamboo, pieces of plastic and fabric are interwoven for theatrical productions where the know-how of each is appreciated. With his poetic and utopian way of looking at the world, Nicholas Henry highlights everyday heroes and addresses universal themes: love, discrimination, ecology… “We didn’t want to highlight our destinations with traditional travel photos. These 12 works, charged with emotion, optimism and commitment, are a true artistic bias and strengthen our position for this new agency that we want to focus on culture.”, explains Jean-Emmanuel Chometon, CEO of Maisons du Voyage, a custom specialist owned by the Figaro Group. A free entry conference agenda has also been created to encourage visitors to open their minds. In the program: Xi Jinping’s China (January 16), Jainism and its art (March 28) or Sikhism (June 6).

A house leaned toward Asia

On Place Saint-Sulpice in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, the building has always been used for cultural purposes, from an arthouse cinema in the 1930s to a recording studio two decades later. Its Art Deco architecture has been preserved in a major renovation recently completed by Les Maisons du Voyage, keen to unify their various agencies in one address. In this “mother house,” created more than thirty years ago by China admirer Patricia Tartur, the modern furniture (custom-made hangings, Sarah Lavuan rugs, carved wooden tables, etc.) are dialogues, gathered around the pieces with charm. globe.

The new Germanopratin space hasn’t forgotten its Asian heritage, spreading touches like tulip lamps and sconces from the Middle Kingdom, Japanese-style panels and chandeliers, a Jamini pop-up shop with a selection of decorations and accessories, combining traditional Indian. know-how and Parisian luxury… Feed the imagination before the actual departure.

Les Maisons du Voyage (Tel.:, 76, rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris. Being influenced Imaginary huts around the worldwhich will be discovered by April 30, 2023. Jamin’s pop-up shop (home linens, small furniture, tableware, bags and other gift ideas) can be found in the agency’s lobby until the end of January.

Source: Le Figaro

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