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A true oasis of tomorrow, here is Elliniko, the future eco-responsible district of Athens

A true oasis of tomorrow, here is Elliniko, the future eco-responsible district of Athens

Special Envoy in Athens

Along the Athenian Riviera, which is still very busy in late summer, it is impossible to avoid the huge Hellinikon construction site bordering the beach; a constant ballet of cranes, excavators operating at full speed and constant clouds of dust. What Athenian does not know this past, full of memories of the capital’s former airport, Hellinikon International Airport? An essential step to access the Greek islands, the lack of direct flights, was one of the witnesses in the late 1960s. The years when the famous shipowner Aristotle Onassis decided to launch the national airline “Olympic Airways” with flight attendants. , ambassadors of Greek beauty. Walking around today, only the central terminal remained intact. Some signs showing the exchange rate of different currencies in drachmas (ancient Greek currency before the euro) or signs indicating boarding areas are still visible. In the distance, a huge Airbus 747, crossed with Olympic Airways’ ring logo, appears to be frozen in time. It is said that Aristotle Onassis was transported there, where his prestigious guests, such as Maria Callas or his wife, Jackie Kennedy, sat. Even the Olympic Games organized in the Greek capital in 2004, which completely turned the other part of this airport into a baseball or canoe-kayak stadium, did not dare to touch this symbolic heritage. However, we will soon have to turn the page. As the destruction of this track and the recycling of construction materials from the Olympic sites in the area will begin to transform the site into a city of the future, which will include several residential areas, hotels, casinos, shopping centers and sports. , port, all surrounded by greenery. A unique city park in the world. the largest in Europe pleads Odysseus Athanassiou, CEO of Lamda Developpement, which already owns a number of shopping centers and ports in Greece and which is implementing the entire project. Move away from excess kerosene and scorching asphalt in the summer heat, this transformational development is already underway.

A virtual as real construction site

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The Ellinikon Experience, where the entire project is detailed in an in-depth and experiential way. Click the picture

And to visualize this environmentally responsible, sustainable and futuristic city, the Lamda group decided to innovate by opening the Ellinikon Experience in a former hangar, where the entire project is detailed in an in-depth and experiential way. It offers five themes, each representing a different revolutionary aspect of the sustainable, low-carbon renovation project that will be this new city, located 20 minutes from Athens. In one of the themed areas, you can virtually discover the place by pedaling a bike, which transforms the 50 km long bike and pedestrian path into a metaverse. You can just as well drive the boat or go on a virtual cruise that cruises the beaches and the 3.5 km long harbor. ” In total, 70% of the 6.2 million square meters or 2 million square meters will be green spaces (parks, lakes, gardens or family activity centers). Ellinikon will also have one of the largest coastal parks in the world. Designed with the region’s biodiversity in mind and, thanks to advanced technological solutions, it aims to fully cover irrigation and electricity needs. It will be the country’s first smart city with responsible urban planning continues Odysseas Athanasiou.

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The investment, which amounts to 8 billion euros, can create 75 thousand jobs. Click the picture

Open to all, this venue could eventually host major sporting events. Dormitories will also be available for athletes, as well as academies for football, basketball, tennis, beach volleyball and gymnastics. Upscale hotels will be added at Casino, Marina and Riviera. Modern private houses and apartments have already been put up for sale. Undoubtedly inspired by the Colossus of Rhodes, the Marina Tower will be the tallest tower in the Mediterranean (200 meters) with its 200 apartments offering stunning views of the Saronic Gulf. The architecture, an indoor-outdoor bioclimatic hybrid, will provide thermal insulation while reducing carbon dioxide levels. Everything will work thanks to AR (augmented reality), connected energy, and each resident will even have an app that will allow you to know the direction of the wind every morning, to know whether it is better to go to the beach or the pool. Innovation or simple gimmick? All of these properties have already been sold at exorbitant prices compared to the Greek market (an average of €16,000 per square meter, against a third of the region). This also applies to the 27 luxury beachfront villas bought off-plan. According to the figures, the investment, which amounts to 8 billion euros, could create 75,000 jobs and contribute up to 2.4% of GDP or 14 billion euros to the coffers of the Greek state.

Chasing a dream?

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The idea of ​​this urban park was born eleven years ago. Dimitris Spirou

The final cost is actually much higher than advertised. And for good reason, the idea of ​​this urban garden was born eleven years ago. Greece was then in the midst of an economic and budgetary crisis, austerity was tight and political instability reigned. The various governments all welcomed the idea of ​​this project with open arms, officially anyway, and then let it suffocate in a maze of local bureaucracy. A disaster that has long placed Greece at the top of the list of European countries that are the most difficult to invest in. Even the very powerful Spiros Latsis, the main shareholder of Lamda Developpement and its extended network in Greece, did not escape endless procedures and the most meticulous inspections (foresters, archaeologists, churches, etc.). But the troubles seem to be coming to an end, even if many Greeks still do not dare to believe it. However, part of this 62,000 m2 area should be ready by 2025. And if this project succeeds, after 17 years of operation, this former airport will become a tourist destination for city break lovers in itself.

Source: Le Figaro

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