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Deer slab. our favorite places to see (and hear) the scenery this fall

It lasts just a few weeks and has nature lovers racing from mid-September to celebrate the wild fall symphony that is cobblestone (or cobblestone). This is the time when the big stags let out their hoarse bellows that can be heard from a long way off. These calls from the forest have several purposes and reflect the behavior of the male (dominant or contender) towards the callers and their competitors. From dusk to dawn, or even during the day, the slab would allow the dominant males to rule and mate with the females of their herd, which had gathered in early autumn as if by magic, while summer saw these animals go their separate ways. Females and their cubs in small groups, and males are more solitary.

Hinders are receptive for a very short time (barely a few days a year). By protecting their herd from the tendencies of other mature and very impatient deer, dominant males assert their superiority. Adrenaline in their veins, nervous breathing, and sometimes tongues hanging out, they seem exhausted to always resist or oblige their suitors. They can then go from a stage of intimidation to direct combat, where forests collide in the silence of the glades… This is the moment when all are measured in epic battles. These are generally harmless, even if they are cruel to the kings of our forests.

This period is the most sought after to hear or see these magnificent animals. Deer slab, reserved only for initiates a few years ago, now attracts many people. Countless formulas have emerged, from simple evening walks to conferences, exhibitions, walks, even bivouacs and viewings in the woods. All under the sign of this noble animal. It is enough to satisfy the real need to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy these wonderful moments of autumn forest life. Among dozens of offers, we have highlighted a few highlights… And if you missed the concerts, the forest is waiting for you all year round to discover other mysteries.

At Domaine de Chambord

15 km from Blois, the famous château with an enclosed estate of more than five thousand hectares… With around seven hundred animals. Several options are available: group viewing from the lookout point at Guyonnier Farm, “Listening to the Tile” (3 hours, per group of sixteen) and a more customized option, maintained by the watchtower, “At the Heart of the Tile” (4:45 p.m. to midnight, maximum of four people in an already created group). The news of the year? Possibility to rent skins for a few hours for photography (under the supervision of a natural guide). Hotel Le Relais de Chambord also offers packages with room, breakfast and slab experience.

Deer slab at Château de Chambord. “Listening to the bar” from €35 per person. In the heart of the tile: 200 euros per group. Hide rental from €200. Overnight at Relais de Chambord with a cobbled experience €395 for two. Such. 02 54 50 40 00 and reservations@chambord.org

In the forest of Chantilly

This impressive forest of more than six thousand hectares is located in Chantilly, 40 km from Paris. From mid-September to mid-October, Le Brâme guest house invites you to listen to the sound of deer blaring… from your bedroom door.

Le Brâme, 17 bis rue du Docteur Lucas Championnière 60300 Avilly St Léonard. Such. 06 75 57 09 36. From 85 euros per night. For other activities in the Chantilly Forest around Bram: chantilly-senlis-tourisme.com

in Solon

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Sunrise over Solon. Adobe Stock:

South of Orléans, Solon is famous for its forests and ponds (it has more than three thousand). This paradise of nature and misty atmosphere has large forest masses of oak, beech, elm, maple, hazel, birch, pine (Scots, Scots, Douglas). “Sologne Nature Environnement” offers many suggestions to go with an escort to meet the serial lover, to indulge the “Cerf’rial lover”, the first light of the day or the night.

on September 24, 27 and October 5. 17 euros for three hours. Book here.

On horseback in the Forest of Fontainebleau and elsewhere

Enjoying the cobblestones on horseback is an experience you should definitely try. These discoveries open the doors to the forest (especially Fontainebleau and its 25,000 hectares of forest bliss) to experience magical moments in the heart of breathtaking nature. These rides are open to all riders, beginners and experienced. It takes place during a twilight ride, where riders, accompanied by a guide, go in search of deer, trying to hear them in the stillness of the evening. Moments of strong emotions…

Henson: From 17:30 to 20:00. Daily until Sunday October 16 (optional). Price: 75 euros. Children from 1m40. From €75.

At the zoo, Sainte-Croix (Lorraine)

With its 120 hectares, the picturesque animal park of Lorraine organizes a series of cobblestone-themed events (with reservations): “Barme Evenings” (6pm to 10pm with a “woodworker’s menu”), “Barme Mornings” (after: breakfast, from 7am ), “special animal photography mornings” (posting from 7 o’clock at the observation points), not forgetting to sleep in the yurt (or not) to the sound of the deer’s love Something to please nature lovers; These formulas come with prices including days to visit the park.

Until October 9. In the morning: 40 euros (from 12 years old). Evenings: 44 euros. Yurt: €240 per night. More information at parcsaintecroix.com

In Belgium, in the Hahn Caves

A stunning collection of caves combined with a huge animal park, Domaine de Han in Wallonia offers stag-call evenings (departs 18:00, €18, 2 hours) with meals and accommodation in the luxurious Cocoon Village ( 200 euros). per adult: EUR 100 per child until October 2). Be careful, given the success of these evenings and mornings, it’s best to book early.

Call at dusk (18.00) (child €20, adult €27) 30/09 and 01/10, 07/10 and 08/10. Bar at dusk and lunch (35 euro child and 50 euro restaurant Pavillon): 30/09, 01/10, 07/10, 08/10. Tile at dawn (at 7 a.m.): 01/10, 08/10. Photo safari (7h45). 25/09, 02/10, 09/10.

Deer visit Han Caves. Such. +32 (0) 84 37 72 13.

Source: Le Figaro

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