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San Juan de Lurigancho: The police intervened in the case of three individuals who were transporting marijuana in a bag.

The suspicious attitude of the three test subjects as they lowered illegal goods from a motorcycle taxi caused alarm among some police officers patrolling the area. | Fountain: PTR

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The National Police intervened in the urbanization of three subjects who were carrying a bag of marijuana. Mangobrandin the San Juan de Lurigancho area.

RPP News He reported that Caber Enrique Monsalve Gordonez, Emerson Carpio Laura And Jose David Marin Mondragon They were detained at the very moment when they unloaded a bag with two bags of a banned substance from a motorcycle taxi, which they were going to bring into a house in the aforementioned urbanization.

SJL: They arrest three subjects who were carrying bags of marijuana.

SJL: They arrest three subjects who were carrying bags of marijuana.

The Suspicious Attitudes of the Three Subjects Caused Alarm in Some policemen who were patrolling the area.

After they were discovered, the men entered the house and tried to close the door to prevent the passage of law enforcement officers, who quickly managed to suppress them.

The detainees were transferred to Drug Enforcement Administration initiate appropriate investigations.

Source: RPP

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