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Prosecutors launched an investigation into Jason Lucano and obtained a provisional arrest for harming a child under 11.

Yeison Lucano Leyva (25) was detained by the police in an apartment in Satipo. | Fountain: PTR

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Atalay Prosecutor’s Office for Corporate Criminal Cases initiated a preliminary investigation against Jason Lucano Leyva on suspicion of committing a crime femicide attemptfollowing the discovery of a case of brutal assault on a minor under the age of 11 in the Ucayali region.

In addition, at the request of representatives of the Ministry of Health The court ordered the preliminary arrest of the accused. It is planned to carry out relevant procedures, such as a forensic medical examination of the victim, as well as taking testimony from those under investigation and witnesses. A police technical inspection and interrogation of the victim of aggression will also be carried out.

Recall, according to information from the VI Macropolice District, PPP soldiers were detained in Satipo, Junin district, Yeison Lucano Leyva, 25 years. The alleged assailant was in the apartment and was taken to the Atalaya police station.

A minor victim of aggression was operated on at the Institute of Children’s Health

After an attack occurred on a minor under the age of 11, she could be transferred to Lima and works at San Borja Children’s Health Institute. However, his prognosis still remains cautious and he is still in the intensive care unit.

CEO of San Borja Children’s Hospital, Dr. Zulema Thomasexpressed solidarity with the minor’s parents and described the attack as “a heinous and horrific act”.

“We support a family that came with another family. But Now for us the most important thing is that the girl is saved., save his life. For this reason, we entered the intensive care unit,” he said.

Source: RPP

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