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SJM: The criminal used a red traffic light to attack drivers and passengers [VIDEO]

Juan Adolfo Huaitalla Huacous taken to the Pamplona police station I | Fountain: PTR

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Juan Adolfo Huaytalla Wacaus used a red traffic light Salvador Allende Avenuefrom Lima’s San Juan de Miraflores area (SZHM) to find their victims and take their belongings: in most cases, a mobile phone. The perpetrator took advantage of people’s distractions by taking taxis or even public transport to take possession of their property.

Whitalla took advantage of the fact that a man of about 45 got off the bus with his working tools: he pushed him and skillfully put his hand in his shirt pocket to take a cell phone. Terna Group agents saw this and intervened Red-handed submit it to the competent authorities.

“I was just buying my work tools and they called me right away and I grabbed my cell phone and stuffed it into my shirt. block and he grabbed my cell phone. I fully admit it”.

The victim was able to identify Juan Waitalla as the alleged perpetrator, who snatched his mobile phone from his own shirt. Now, The intervener was taken to the Pamplona I police station. for litigation. It was there that it turned out that he had a robbery record, the last one was recorded on January 10th.

Green Squad intervened criminal

Agency Green Squad-Intao Terna reported the capture of a criminal who took advantage of a crowd of people to steal their mobile phones.

“The agents of Terno, under circumstances carrying out reconnaissance work (…), were on the avenue of Salvador Allende San Juan de Miraflores and noticed a man who was in this place, posing as another passerby, the same as he observed various vehicles. and people in place with clear intentions to commit illegal acts, so he visualizes his victim walking (…), pushes a passerby and deftly puts his hand into his polo pocket and manages to snatch his mobile phone” can be read in the police report.

Source: RPP

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