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Cercado de Lima: Seven protesters were arrested and taken to the Cotabambas police station.

The protesters were taken to the Cotabambas police station. | Font: Grab

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Report seven protesters detained at the police station cotabambain fenced in Lima, behind the back courthousefollowing the demonstrations held this Tuesday in the area.

Police He detained these people in order to take them to the police station, where members of the prosecutor’s office and the ombudsman’s office were present to see the process and the situation of those who intervened to protect their fundamental rights.

Similarly, the intervention review was conducted jointly with staff Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), who were in dialogue not only with the troops, but also with the lawyers of those who intervened.

San Andres Police Station
San Andrés Police Station | Font: PTR

In addition, some relatives were present at that moment to check what had happened after the demonstrations around the Palace of Justice.

As you know, prospect Roosevelt D Giron Lamp It was the hotbed of clashes between the protesters and the PPP.

The demonstrators carried paint balloons, boulders and makeshift aluminum-based shields to protect themselves from tear gas bombs fired by the National Police.

San Andres Police Station

On the other hand, police officers appeared on the outskirts of the police station. Saint Andrewin that lima fence, where it became known about the detention of a protester after throwing stones. Prosecutors arrived at the police station to ensure due process and the rights of the protesters.

Source: RPP

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