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Police enter San Marcos to evict protesters left at the university

Students stormed the university on January 18 to express their support for the protests against the government of Dina Boluarte. | Font: PTR

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On the morning of this Saturday, January 21, a detachment of the Peruvian National Police (PNP) entered the premises of the National University of the Mayor of San Marcos (MNMSM) to remove protesters who stayed on campus for three days.

With the help of an armored car, the forces of order had to break one of the bars at the gate number 3 of the university in order to begin the eviction operation. PNP troops it is planned to identify each of the protesters stationed in “Dean of America”.

Command RPP News was able to verify that they were not originally registered clashes between Police and protesters who arrived at the home of study after a group of students occupied the campus on January 18 to express their support for protests against the government of Dina Boluarte and accommodate protesters who arrived in the capital from different parts. countries such as Cusco and Puno to participate in the so-called “Take of Lima”.

However, in the middle of the operation a group of protesters He threw stones at the police in order to force his way into one of the perimeters guarded by the PPP. At the end of the note in total 30 people loaded on the police bus but it is unknown if they were detained or intervened.

At that time, Dante OliveraUNMSM law student, commented RPP news what PNP troops They hold events not only on campus, but also in university dormitories.

how could he know PTRthe arrival of the Minister of the Interior is expected, Vincent Romeroto ensure the balance of the police operation.

More than 200 intervened

public service reported that crime prevention prosecutors visit facilities UNAMS to verify “the lawfulness of police action and ensure due process for all persons”.

In the meantime, our journalist reported that several people who were on campus were taken by bus and car to the headquarters Dirinkri.

talking to RPP Newschief prosecutor Alfonso BarrenechaNational Coordinator of the Prosecutor’s Office for Crime Prevention, reported that about 205 people were interfered with during the deployment of police in UNASM.

barrenwhich is located in the premises of the “Dean of America”, explained that the intervening citizens were moved to the headquarters of the Office of Counter Terrorism (Dircote) and the Office of Criminal Investigation (Dirincri), which are located in the fence of Lima. .

Representative public service He pointed out that, knowing where the intervening people would be transferred, it was decided that 20 prosecutors approach police stations, in addition to other eight medical examiners so they do legal medical checks to determine if the interveners are “not showing any affectation.”

The operation was carried out after a complaint about aggression against security forces in San Marcos.

The National Police operation was carried out after UNMIS said that around 21:40 on Friday, January 20, a group of protesters attacked university security personnel those guarded gates 1 that give access to the San Marco campus.

“This group of protesters were with their faces covered, they cut down and stole the security equipment and vests of all security personnel, beat them up and voted to leave the University Campus at this time of night,” the general said in a statement. San Marcos Institutional Image Office.

Subjects also approached Gate 6 and stole equipment and vests from Security and Surveillance Directorate personnel at said entrance, according to the university. In total, seven electronic devices and seven vests were stolen.

The security forces who were attacked applied to the 3rd district police department with a statement.

Statement from the National University of San Marcos.
Statement from the National University of San Marcos.

Source: RPP

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