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Scientists have shown the worst drought in Europe

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This year’s summer is said to be the driest since a major drought hit the continent in 1540.

The European satellite Sentinel 2 took pictures from space showing the trend of Europe’s worst drought in the last 500 years. The series of photos were captured between June 1 and August 31 this year, writes Space.

The sequence of images shows Europe drying out in July and August due to a total lack of rain.

Footage from a video posted on Twitter by the European Union’s Copernicus program, which operates the Sentinel constellation of Earth-observing satellites, shows how vast regions across Europe have gone from greenish-green to dry brown.

“By 2022, drought has affected the whole of Europe,” the statement said.

The picture also shows extensive damage to vegetation in areas of southern and eastern England, northern France, large areas of Germany, Poland and Eastern Europe.

Along with rigorous satellite data, the Global Drought Observatory indicates that in August 47% of Europe warned of a significant lack of soil moisture and thus a negative impact on plants.

Water levels in rivers including the Rhine, Danube and Po have dropped so low that waterways are closed to traffic, and extremely hot and dry weather has greatly increased the risk of wildfires.

Recall that in mid-August this year, a drought was declared in eight regions of Britain. The Environmental Protection Agency says it has spread across most of the country.

Record drought in Europe. What’s happening

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