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The Hubble telescope showed a group of interacting galaxies

Photo: esahubble.org

The distance between the galaxies NGC 5996 and NGC 5994 at their closest points is just under 40 thousand light years.

The Hubble Space Telescope photographed the two interacting galaxies. ESA reported it.

In particular, the image shows the Arp 72 group of galaxies, which includes the cosmic object NGC 5996 (a large spiral galaxy) and NGC 5994 (its smaller satellite in the lower left corner of the image). Both galaxies are located at a distance of about 160 million light years from Earth, and their cores are separated from each other by a distance of about 67 thousand light years.

Astronomers note that the interaction of the galaxy with the satellite may be the reason for the distortion of the spiral shape of NGC 5996 and its elongation in the direction of NGC 5994.

This connection has led to the formation of a long, liquid “tail” of stars and gas near the spiral galaxy, which is a common occurrence when two galaxies approach each other.

The “tail” of the spiral galaxy can be seen in the upper right corner of the telescope image.


It was previously reported that the Hubble telescope recorded the birth of a new star, FS Tau B.

Hubble photographed a “spider galaxy” in the constellation Leo Minor
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