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China has launched a new generation maritime satellite into space

Photo: Xinhua

The Long March-2C launch vehicle carrying the spacecraft took off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China.

On November 16, China launched a new generation satellite into space to monitor the color of the ocean, which will significantly expand the ability to study processes occurring in seawater. This was reported by Xinhua.

It was noted that the Long March-2C launch vehicle with the spacecraft on board was launched from the cosmodrome Jiuquan in northwest China and successfully launched it into its planned low-Earth orbit.

Today’s launch marks the 497th mission of the three-stage launch of Long March’s three-stage liquid-fuel vehicles capable of delivering up to a one-ton payload into low-Earth orbit.

The world’s first high-precision ocean color satellite has been launched into space, assessing the health of various water bodies and marine areas around the world using several innovative techniques and equipment. It can perform large-scale, continuous and dynamic monitoring of water color, water temperature, sea ice conditions, suspended solids and water ecology in oceans, seas, islands and harbors around the world.

China’s National Space Administration’s Earth Observation Center said the satellite will provide remote sensing services for China’s major sea lanes, as well as promote better use of fishery resources and monitor levels. of marine pollution.

It will be recalled that on November 1, China successfully launched into space a new series of Tianhui Earth remote sensing satellites, known as mapping satellites. The satellite is planned to be used for geographic mapping, research of land resources, scientific experiments and other activities.

Earlier, on September 27, China successfully launched the Yaogan-3304 Earth remote sensing satellite, the fourth in this series of spacecraft, into low-Earth orbit.

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Source: korrespondent

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