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Ancient settlement found in Lviv region

Photo: Lvivska OVA

A team of archaeologists has conducted the first study since independent Ukraine.

In the Lviv region, archaeologists named the Institute of Ukrainian Studies. I. Kripyakevich of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Historical and Cultural Reserve of the Stilskoye Settlement conducted a joint archaeological expedition to the Peshchera site in the village of Ilov and found an ancient settlement there. This was reported on the website of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.

Scientists studied three chronological horizons of the site: the Eneolithic period, characterized by pottery culture (4 millennium BC), the early Iron Age (late 2nd – early th -1 millennium BC) and prince period (10-13 centuries AD).

Among the artifacts is a rectangular structure located on the side of the settlement, 12 meters long, 4 meters wide, and along the perimeter, traces of buried pillars appeared between 1-2 meters.

“We are not talking about dating yet – we must study all the findings more carefully. But if we tie this structure to a pre-Christian temple, we will be talking about the 10th century. We believe that at first this ancient settlement was a sanctuary, later it clearly lost this function with the introduction of Christianity, and later it could have been used as a storage place for the villages we were organizing around of this mountain – in the valley of the Ilovets River. The building is not residential, but has a public purpose: this is proven by the absence of traces of a hearth, a small number of fragments of pots. to gather here to make important decisions, perform ritual actions,” the message said.

The team also discovered six objects: remains of Eneolithic dwellings and utility pits of the Eneolithic Funnel Beaker Culture; a large earthen structure (mentioned earlier) and three utility pits from the princely period. In addition, more than a thousand portable objects were found, including pottery fragments, stone tools and weapons.

“It is extraordinary to dig such a hill fort, and also to find things there – for great happiness. In addition, it is not like an ordinary defensive hill fort – it has a different function, say, sacred for that time. As for such a small place, the size of the hill fort is about “40 by 40 meters, the results of excavations are very rich! Potentially, they can change the interpretation of vision – such large structures on earth are very rare. Such structures are mainly found in Bukovina. And this will be the first well-explored sanctuary in the Upper Dniester region,” the archaeologists added.

Remember that once in Spain, a farmer found an artifact weighing three tons.

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