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South Korea launched the Nuri rocket

The 200-ton booster launched eight satellites into orbit, including NEXTSat-2 for Earth sensing.

South Korea launched a Nuri rocket on May 25 with eight satellites on board. This was reported by the Yonhap agency.

It was noted that the 200-ton Nuri, also known as KSLV-II, was launched from the Naro Space Center at 18:24 (12:24 Kyiv time).

13 minutes after launch, it successfully launched the Earth remote sensing satellite NEXTSat-2, which allows taking high-resolution images regardless of height, weather conditions and object illumination, as well as seven cubesats to test various technologies and scientific research.

The rocket launch was scheduled for Wednesday, but due to a computer glitch, it was rescheduled for the following day.

Recall that South Korea has invested approximately $1.52 billion in the Nuri project.

The KSLV-II launch vehicle is intended for commercial services for placing satellites in orbit. The cost per launch is estimated at $30 million, which is lower than competitors in Asia.

It was previously reported that Axiom Space had sent a second tourist mission to the ISS.

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