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WhatsApp is already testing a radical redesign of its app, and here’s what it looks like

With this design change, WhatsApp will move the taskbar from top to bottom on the home screen. | Fountain: Hide | Photographer: MURIZAL ZATIVA

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whatsapp does not stop with its initiative to introduce a large number of improvements and new tools to its platform. Instant messaging application development team from Target It works to continue to develop the features it offers to its users, as well as to be able to meet the needs that people have recently purchased or have been asking for a long time.

One of the most recent innovations is a radical redesign of the main screen of the application, which promises to completely change the way you use this platform with a new positioning of features such as calls, states, etc. Of course, communities, the latter is one of the options recently added in application.

WhatsApp changes the design of the main window

As seen in the image published by the portal WABetaInformationupdate version Beta from whatsapp introduces a new interface that changes the look of the home screen. In the new design, the taskbar, which includes the main sections of the platform – Chats, Communities, Status and Calls – goes from top to bottom.

With this new interface, the current tabbed navigation with horizontal scrolling available in the version for android from whatsapp Within a few years it has been superseded by this new design, which, at first glance, is not significant, but may lead to a modification that should be considered when using it.

At the moment, the new design is still in development and can only be seen in beta. whatsapp for devices android. Moreover, what is shown in the image published by the portal is not available to all users in this version even with its latest update, so you can still make changes.

This is the new design of WhatsApp home screen. | Fountain: WABetaInformation

New features coming to WhatsApp

In addition to changing the interface, whatsapp He is also working on other projects for his platform such as biometric blocking of certain chats, newsletters, text message editing, the ability to answer a video call using a 3D avatar, temporary voice messages, window redesign with media sharing tools. , replacing phone numbers with usernames in group chats, and introducing group chats with an expiration date that will be deleted once their life cycle is complete.

Other features include the ability to mute calls from unknown numbers and the ability to transcribe voice memos into text. Although we do not know exactly when they will arrive in the standard version whatsappthe ground has already been set since the beta testing of the app.

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