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Ingenuity captured the sunset on Mars during the flight

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter took this image with its high resolution color camera. | Fountain: NASA/JPL-CALTECH.

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Helicopter ingenuity belonging POT V Mars captured this impressive sunset image over Jezero Crater on the Red Planet using a high resolution color camera.

The picture was taken on February 22, 2023 during flight number 45 ingenuitythe first powered aircraft in another world, according to POT.

science on board

High definition color camera ingenuity It is located 22 degrees below the horizon. Thus, images transmitted to POT from a 1.8 kg helicopter, they focus on the ground, looking for interesting geological features and possible obstacles.

However, sometimes a section of the Martian sky appears in one of the photographs. The helicopter took this picture during its 45th flight, but with an even rarer protagonist in the frame: Sun.

The photo shows Sun just above the horizon with hills in the distance, on a Martian day of 714. ingenuityor the Sun. The shining beams in the photo help illuminate the undulating alien landscape of Jezero Crater of sand and rock, almost like a photograph you would take in a desert on Earth.

ingenuity continues to make short flights around Lake Lake Mars and continues to collect data well beyond its useful life. ingenuity arrived on the Red Planet aboard the Perseverance rover. POTwhich landed on Jezero land in February 2021.

ingenuity it first flew two months later in April 2021 and was initially tasked with just a few test flights to demonstrate its groundbreaking technology. However, after exceeding expectations POTthe mission has been expanded to serve as a Perseverance scout looking for signs of ancient life in Mars and collect samples for their future return to Earth. Ingenuity made a total of 46 flights for a total distance of 10.1 km.

Flights 45 and 46 were operated only three days apart on February 22 and 25, while flight 47 is expected any day now. (Europe Press)

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