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AuronPlay breaks its silence: confirms on YouTube that it will eventually return to Twitch

Streamer and YouTuber AuronPlay has reappeared with a new video to defend himself against the allegation against him of allegedly risky conversations with a minor. | Fountain: YouTube/Auron

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AuronPlayThe streamer, influencer and YouTuber, hailed as one of the greatest in the Spanish-speaking world, has resurfaced after disappearing from social media and, above all, from his channel. twitch. A Spaniard who has been the subject of controversy in recent weeks over xenophobic comments and apologies for Nazism, as well as the persecution of his partner. “bijin”decided to show his face through a new video on his secondary channel YouTube.

In this new video titled “FIN”, posted on February 15, Raul Alvarez -the real name of the internet celebrity- has made various accusations against all the criticism he has received in recent days. Contrary to what one might think with the title chosen for the video, AuronPlay He indicated that he would not retire and would continue to take a break after clearing up one of the most serious complaints that had been made against him: allegedly talking to a minor.

AuronPlay reappears

In the first minutes of the video AuronPlay He spoke about all the “cancellations” that they tried to make against him and his partner Sara “Biyin” Moledoas well as a streamer twitch what started all this controversy. Alvarez He blamed it all on a group of unknown people who orchestrated the entire controversy to ruin his career in Internet. The influencer mentioned that his home address was even leaked, they threatened his family and even contacted some of his sponsors to terminate his contracts.

However, the central axis of the video was another accusation leveled against him during his days when he was away from his social media and his main channels. Presumably AuronPlay He had a conversation with a minor in which there were explicit messages. In his explanation, Alvarez showed various images to prove that he did not know that this young woman was underage.

In addition, the influencer once again apologized for all the damage he may have caused in the past with his tweets and insults to certain people, admitting that all other accusations that were made against him, such as antisemitic and xenophobic comments and apology for Nazismfaithful, and he pities them.

Will AuronPlay be removed from Twitch?

The final section of the video was dedicated to resolving the big doubt that his giant online fan community has: Will AuronPlay be removed from Twitch? Alvarez noted that he will continue to take a break from social media and streaming in general as the whole situation has taken a toll on his mental health, but he still has no plans to completely quit his channels.

“I will leave when I want, but not when they kick me out. I love being with my community and creating content.”said AuronPlay after confirming that he will return to do daily streams in twitchbut has not yet set a date for this. It should be noted that the Spaniard abandoned all the series and projects that he had already started on his Twitch channel, as Squid Games 2 for all the scandal that started.

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