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Curiosity has discovered a metal meteorite on Mars

A metallic meteorite on Mars, captured by Curiosity. | Fountain: NASA/JPL

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Rover curiosity belonging POT found another meteorite V Mars and in this case it consists mainly of iron and nickel.

Team members tweeted an image of the object, which they named “Cocoa” and which is 30 centimeters wide.

History of the meteor

He curiosityA car-sized crater landed in the 154-kilometer-wide Gale crater on Mars in August 2012 to determine if the area could have supported terrestrial life a long time ago.

Since September 2014 curiosity he climbed the slopes of Mount Sharp, a massive massif rising 3.5 miles into the sky from the center of Gale.

Until the date curiosity traveled 29.47 km. Mars. During this trip, the rover also came across other meteorites.

“Here is another meteorite that I found in 2016. It’s called ‘Egg Rock’, aka golf ball,” the tweet associated with the new metal rock reads.

“Although my team calls this 7-foot meteor ‘Lebanon’, I call it the BEAST,” reads another tweet.

curiosity discovered Lebanon, or the Beast, in May 2014, although POT he did not release photographs of the large stone until July of that year. The Beast and two nearby rocks were the first meteorites to hit Earth. curiosity found on the red planet space.com. (Europe Press)

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Source: RPP

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