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The man fell into despair after learning that the airline lost four of his dogs

The man fell into despair after learning that the airline lost four of his dogs

Hearing this news, the man fell into a panic and alarm. | Font: tik tak

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The story shocked thousands of social media users. A man fell into despair after the airline he was flying with told him he had lost all four of his dogs.

Video posted on tik tak, shows that the subject cries and even throws himself on the ground after the news. The incident took place at the Istanbul airport.

news anxiety

The man feigned alarm over the news given by the airline upon arrival in Turkey.

“Where are my dogs?! I have 4 dogs! i want to see mine dogsThere was a cry from a man who was in complete despair.

The rest of the passengers at the airport just watched what was happening, not finding an answer to the situation.

A happy ending

After long tense minutes, airline workers were able to locate the subject’s pets.

According to official data, the animals were not delivered to the connecting flight from Switzerland, so they were at this airport.

Obviously the video has reopened the debate about animals on flights and whether they should travel in the cabin as cargo or be able to accompany the flight like other passengers.

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