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ChatGPT: What You Should Know About Artificial Intelligence Right Now

ChatGPT is owned by OpenAI, known for its Dall-E 2 project, which creates images from text. | Font: AFP or licensors | Photographer: lionel bonaventura

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ChatGPT sensation of recent weeks on the Internet. Company creation Open AI is the focus of media attention and is the key to understanding evolution artificial intelligence.

The software is at a key moment in its development and has marked a milestone: Google fears it could shift its famous browser and Microsoft Invest in your company to reap the benefits and strengthen the cloud. What are we really talking about?

What is ChatGPT?

Developed by a North American company located in San Francisco, Open AI, ChatGPT this is a chat bot artificial intelligence which recreates the conversation with the users who interact with it.

It uses internet data up to 2021 in its original version to generate lyrics ranging from answers, stories, songs and more, always with a very brotherly tone, as if he were human. This system is called the large language model.

Open AIoriginally founded by Elon Musk, is a startup with extensive experience in the field of artificial intelligence. He is also the creator of GPT-3, a similar program that had a serious problem: it did not condone racist, sexist, and controversial language.

For this reason, the company has devoted itself to polishing ChatGPT that it does not make value judgments or form controversial opinions that could hinder its development and acceptance by the media.

How is ChatGPT used?

ChatGPT This is free software and can be accessed from this link.

To be able to chat with the bot, you only need to create an account with an email address and a phone number.

The artificial intelligence maintains its menu in English, but you can communicate with it in Spanish.

Many writers were impressed by the texts created AIwhich have even been approved by the review mechanisms of the world’s most prestigious universities and institutions. You should be aware that not all of your information is necessarily correct, so you should always perform data validation.

Is ChatGPT Free?

Yes, currently you can enter without paying a single sol for the service.

However, due to the popularity of the system in recent Open AI looking for a way to monetize it. At the moment, there is talk of a professional model costing $42 a month. The company has confirmed that it is in the initial stages, but not the price.

With this in mind, the first users who test this feature note that the payoff will be priority access to the service (which is currently collapsing due to the number of online users), faster responses from the bot, and the ability to test new features before everyone else.

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