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Noel Le Gray in Le Figaro. “I have never called Zidane in my life.”

Special Envoys in Doha

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At the age of almost 81 (he will celebrate on December 25), Noel Le Gret has been in Qatar since the start of the World Championship. Between his daily visits to the hotel of the French national team, his appointment as a member of the FIFA Council in Doha and the monitoring of several matches, the president of the French Football Federation confided; Figaro. On Tuesday morning, in one of the lounges of the al-Mesila hotel complex, the leader spoke about current topics.

Saturday’s quarter-final against England, the future of Didier Deschamps (whose contract expires on December 31), the organization of the World Cup, the allegations of sexual harassment against him, the audit of the Ministry of Sports at the FFF, the relationship with its director general Florence Hardwin or the possible president Emmanuel Macron arrival in case of semi-final… Interview.

LE FIGARO. – Will the French team beat England?
Noel LE GRAËT. – I honestly want it. It will be very balanced. This quarter-final will be a hell of a test that will prove or disprove everything the team has achieved in Qatar. It won’t be much… But we will win (smiles).

Are you satisfied with the course and attitude of the “Blues”?
He is exemplary. We were told that Australia (beat France 4-1 in 1st match) wasn’t terrible, you saw their very interesting career… We lost to Tunisia (1-0) but rolled as did Brazil (also lost: by Cameroon 1 -0). Against Poland (3-1) we had a chaotic first half with three actions, but then of course there is Mbappe (scorer of a double), he works well around him as well.

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Source: Le Figaro

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