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Peru and Chile agree on “measures to better control the flow of migrants” at the border

Peruvian and Chilean police guard hundreds of migrants stranded at the border in Arica, Chile. | Fountain: EFE

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Foreign Secretary, Ana Cecilia Gervasireported this Saturday that Peru and Chile have agreed on measures to better control the migration flow at the border of both countries.

“There have been constant conversations between our foreign ministries and other authorities, and yesterday afternoon I had a conversation with the Chilean Foreign Minister (Alberto van Claveren) and we agreed on measures between our authorities to better control the flow of migrants in our common border. “, he said in press statements.

The member of the executive branch also indicated that it was decided “to create a technical mechanism at the level of vice-chancellors”, within which the migration problem will be solved “not only indirectly, but also in the region.”

“Therefore, we will include in this dialogue our colleagues from neighboring countries who are facing this common phenomenon of illegal migration,” he added. Ana Cecilia Gervasi.

On the southern border, hundreds of migrants, most of them Venezuelans, have been stuck for days without being able to return to Chilean territory or enter Peru, without food or medical care.

UN request

For this reason, the United Nations (UN) has asked the governments of Peru and Chile to engage in dialogue to resolve the migration problem.

“In many cases, they lack shelter, water, food and sanitation,” said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric, with unaccompanied minors, separated families and people with chronic illnesses being the most vulnerable.

“What is really important is that the two countries are addressing this issue through dialogue and putting the well-being of people, whether migrants or refugees, at the center of their concern,” he added.

Source: RPP

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